LDCAA Apartment Availability
                    LDCAA has vacancies listed below in the following locations:
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If you have questions 
please contact Margie Owens, Apartment Manager
                                                           or Cathy Zachry, Apartment Clerk  Click for Rental Application PDF Format
                                                              410 North L, Hugo, OK 74743         Complete and Print Application

                                Terry Hill Apartments
                                 410 N. “L “ Street, 
                                 Hugo, Oklahoma 74743
                                 1, 2, & 3 Bedrooms

                                     1 Bedroom $357.00,       2 Bedroom $406.00,       3 Bedroom $492.00
                                       $350.00 Security Deposit
                                               Tenant pays Electric/ Water & Trash paid by Apts.
                                                      Central H/A, Laundry Facility on site

                                Garvin Apartments
                                 211 W. Williams, Garvin, Oklahoma 74736
                                     2 Bedroom Rent is $389.00 Deposit $350.00
                                      Central H/A, Washer/Dryer Hookups
                                      Tenant Pays all bills
                                Ft. Towson Apartments
                                606 Boston Avenue, Ft. Towson, Oklahoma 74735
                                    2 Bedroom Rent is $389.00 Deposit $350.00, Tenant pays 
                                    Electric. Central H/A, Laundry Rm.  Water & Trash paid by Apts. 

                                Valliant Chappell Apartments
                                            112 N. Chappell Dr.,Valliant, Oklahoma 74764
                                    2 Bedroom Rent is $449.00 Deposit $350.00
                                      Tenant pays electric/Water & Trash paid by Apts.
                                      Central H/A, Washer/Dryer Hookup

                                Moyers Apartments
                                HC 66 Box 901, Moyers, Oklahoma 74557
                                2 Bedroom, Rent $379.00 Deposit $350.00. Tenant pays Electric/Water & Trash paid                                 by Apts., Central H/A, Laundry Room

​                                Soper Apartments
                                104 Hayes Street, Soper, Oklahoma 74759
​                                 2 Bedroom Rent is $389.00 Deposit $350.00, Tenant pays Electric/Water &                                 Trash paid by Apts., Central H/A, Laundry Room

                        Boswell Apartments
                                310 Hunter Avenue, Boswell, OK. 74727
                                    1 Bedroom Rent is $389.00 Deposit $350.00
                                      Central H/A, Laundry Room, All bills paid.

Senior Apartments

Belmont Place Senior Housing, Inc.
311 S. `14th Street
Hugo, Oklahoma 74743

Clayton Place Senior Housing, Inc.
1301 Pine Street
Clayton, OK. 74536

Kiamichi Place Senior Housing, Inc.
1307 S.E. 3rd Street
Antlers, OK. 74523

All units are supplied with Refrigerators and Stoves.