Hugo Lake State Park
Resort Cabins
Hiking Trails
Just a few of our park pals  you'll find on the hiking trails.
Resort Cabins
Primitive Cabin
Hospitality House & Training Center
Resort Cabin 26
Resort Cabin 21
Resort Cabin 22
Resort Cabin 23
Resort Cabin 24
Resort Cabin 25
Primitive Cabin 1,2,3
Primitive Cabin 5
Primitive Cabin 6
Primitive Cabin4
Primitive Cabin 7
Primitive Cabin 8
Primitive Cabin 9-10
Resort Cabins 11,12
Resort Cabin13
Resort Cabin14
Resort Cabin 16,17
Resort Cabin18
Resort Cabin20
Resort Cabin 19
Boat Ramp 1
Resort Cabins
Tent Camping
Boat Ramp 2
Hospitality House
Trail Start
Primitive Cabins
Pavilion 2
      The Hiking trails in Hugo Lake State Park are an adventure just waiting. As you walk through the winding trails you'll encounter all species of wildlife. Special interest markers indentify various trees types as well as animal information. You'll even find a primitive rest bench along the path. The Hiking Trails also offer some great views of the lake.